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My Matriarch!

A couple weeks before my G-ma's birthday we settled on having a concert for her. Over the years there are always things we thought she would like. A spa day, a nice dinner, the usual. The only thing I know she LOVES with her whole being (outside her family) is God. She's definitely a No Limit Solider in army of the Lord so a celebration at church was perfect.

I'm nuts so I wanted a whole choir band with an usher march in like in the 90's!! Only kind of kidding. My goal was to give her something she not only would ever forget but something no one has ever done.

I think we did it in a little less than two weeks. There was a quick floor transformation, lots of cleaning, and little sleep. On today I regret nothing. I am happy to be the vessel God used to bring her Joy.


Thank you to all that came and celebrated with us. We also really appreciate those that sent birthday wishes. Lula Mae certainly had a wonderful birthday. We are so glad you were able to be apart.

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