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Parents this is the only set that you will pay for full price for. The Crew is welcome to wear it how they please as long as it's perfect for shoot day.


This is what crew members need to wear when they come to shoots.


If they are modeling any attire, they will slip it on over this and if they are modeling bows this will be their matching black. You will be able to pay for this at the fitting.


If you want to purchase two the second will be $30% off. The pay link for this will be open from February 1 - February 4 (fitting day)

Crew Gear

  • This will be determined at the fitting. We will choose the size that fits them best.

  • If you change your mind , thats fine. You can recieve a refund within 72 hours. After 72 hours you will only be able to pay for shipping for your item or arrange a pick up. 

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